The Product is made from fresh, sound ripe Pink and white guava Fruits ( Psidiumguajavamytraceaevar Pink and White) it is free from any objectionable factor affecting quality of the fruits. Product prepared by thermal treatment to render if “Commercially Sterile” and completely free from any pathogenic/spoilage micro organism and any other hazard.

Product 0 Brix at 20‘c Consistency* pH Colour Flavour Taste
Pink Guava Puree 9 minimum 4-12 < 4 Characteristic Ripe Pink Guava color Typical Ripe Pink GuavaFlavour Typical Ripe Pink Guava Taste
(*Bostwick cm/30 sec) at 25+/- 2 ‘C

Canned Guava Puree available in 850grams, 3.1Kgs , Aseptic filled in 215Kgs bags

Should be stored in cool & dry place ,away from heat

24 months from Date of Manufacturing, when stored at optimum temperature

The Colour, texture, flavor and taste are uniform and consistent.

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