Tomato paste and puree manufactured from sound, mature & specifically selected tomatos, free from damage, soil &cuts, These Tomato fruits are sorted,washed, inspected, crushed and carefully pulped. The pulpy mass is heated,cooled & filled aseptically in a pre-sterile aseptic bag, The whole operation is carried out with a great care to retain maximum level ofnatural flavour& taste, simultaneously ensuring the commercial sterility

Parameters Limits Frequency
0 Brix at 20 ‘C 8 minimum Every Batch
Ph Max 2.4 Every Batch
TitrableAcidit % at pH 8.1 as citric acid Min 1.75 Every Batch
Consistency cm/30 sec at 25+/- 2 ‘C(bostwick) <10 Every Batch
Parameters Limits Frequency
Total viable Count ( TVC) CFU /gm <10 Every Batch
Yeast &Mould CFU/gm <10 Every Batch
Coliform/gm Absent Every Batch
E.coli /gm Absent Every Batch

Canned Tomato puree available in 850grams, 3.1Kgs , Aseptic filled in 215Kgs bags

Should be stored in cool & dry place ,away from heat

24 months from Date of Manufacturing, when stored at optimum temperature

The Colour, texture, flavor and taste are uniform and consistent.

Tomato paste can also be processed into other convenient forms such as spray dried, freeze-dried powders, etc.,

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