Product 0 Brix at 20‘c Consistency* pH Colour Flavour Taste
Totapuri Mango Pulp 14 minimum 9-15 3.5-4.1 Characteristic Ripe Totapuri Mango color Typical Ripe Totapuri Mango Flavour Typical Ripe Totapuri Mango Taste
(Bostwick cm/30 sec) at 25+/- 2 ‘C , Specs-Brown : <5/10gms, Black :Nil/10gms
Total Plate Count Yeast and Mould Count Coliform Pathogens
<10 CFU per gram <10 CFU per gram Absent per gram Absent per gram

Canned mango pulp available in 850grams, 3.1Kgs , Aseptic filled in 215Kgs bags

Should be stored in cool & dry place ,away from heat

24 months from Date of Manufacturing, when stored at optimum temperature

The Colour, texture, flavor and taste are uniform and consistent.

Mango pulp are easy to handle, can be used in unlimited applications, some of these are:

Fruit breads,cakes,tarts,muffins, pie-fillings, icings, donuts, etc.,

Milkshake, fruit drinks,nectars,etc.,

Ice-creams, Fruit bars, milk shakes, yogurts, puddings, toppings, desserts, etc.,

Cereals, juices, strained fruit, fruit desserts, fruit drinks, etc.,

Mango pulp can also be processed into other convenient forms such as spray dried, freeze-dried powders, etc.,

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